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What does the treatment involve?

  • You will be given 3 injections of Collagenase (Xiapex) 4 weeks apart. Collagenase (Xiapex) is injected in the Peyronie’s disease plaque at the point of maximal curvature in the flaccid state.  Your doctor may give you a local anaesthetic before the Collagenase (Xiapex) injection.  
  • In between the treatment cycles you will use the Vacuum pump in order to mechanically stretch the plaque which has been weakened by the Collagenase (Xiapex) injections in addition to gentle penile stretching and modelling.  
  • Response to treatment will be assessed by the questionnaires and by assessment of the flaccid and erect penis (after giving you a penile injection that induces an erection).
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St Peters Andrology is the first centre in the UK to offer Collagenase (Xiapex) treatment for Peyronies disease.  Get in contact with us to arrange an appointment.  

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