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What is vasectomy reversal?

In many cases the lack of sperm in the ejaculate is because the man has previously had a vasectomy but later regretted this due to a change in circumstance.

Vasectomy reversal surgery normally has a good chance of success if carried out by a suitably skilled surgeon. It is however essential that the surgeon offer a microsurgical approach as this will result in a better chance of success and will sometimes be essential.

As with other causes of azoospermia men who have undergone previous vasectomy may prefer to have sperm retrieved for use in assisted conception either instead of or in conjunction with attempted reconstructive surgery.

The chances of success will vary according to a range of factors such as the duration since the original vasectomy and the age of the female partner.

In order to decide on the best form of treatment a couple need to be seen by a specialist who can examine the male partner and give the chances of success for the various forms of treatment based on his individual history.
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