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Hysterectomy and mastectomy

Many patients have already had hysterectomy and mastectomy (chest surgery) performed before being referred to us for phalloplasty surgery. 

Mastectomy is normally the first operation undergone by patients but there is no absolute reason why it cannot be undertaken at any stage in the process. We do not provide this service however.

In patients undergoing pubic phalloplasty we commonly perform open hysterectomy during the course of the procedure.  If an open operation is necessary prior to phalloplasty, we prefer this to be done through a midline skin incision so that the possibility of a pubic phalloplasty is not compromised later. If a radial artery phalloplasty has already been decided on then a Pfannenstiel incision (transverse suprapubic) is perfectly acceptable although a laparoscopic (“keyhole”) procedure is preferable. Laparoscopic surgery leaves fewer scars and has a faster recovery which is important as patients will be having multiple operations later.  

In patients undergoing free flap phalloplasty (radial artery forearm or anterolateral thigh methods) we can perform laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy at the time of join-up urethroplasty.  This may also be appropriate in patients undergoing pubic phalloplasty or metoidioplasty.

Once you have had the ovaries removed, your testosterone requirement may decrease. Please see your GP or Gender Clinic Specialist to assess and discuss testosterone reduction as necessary about two months later.

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