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What is Phalloplasty?

Phalloplasty is the surgical creation of an artificial penis or phallus. This is most commonly performed in men who have undergone female-to-male gender reassignment. It is also required for men who have lost their penis through cancer or accident. Our unit has pioneered such surgery in the United Kingdom and offer a variety of surgical techniques. All techniques however require a series of operations and careful consideration of the best form of treatment is essential before starting treatment.

Despite advances in surgical techniques there is no perfect technique and each approach has its own drawbacks.  Patients will need to consider the following factors when deciding which approach is most appropriate to their needs:

  • standing to void

  • locker room appearance

  • penetrative sex

  • scarring potential

  • sexual sensation

  • removal of external and internal female parts

  • number of operations

  • potential complications

  • donor site problems

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